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School adopts CBSE curriculum from class Nursery to X . Language option is English and Hindi . The streams of Science, Commerce are offered at Secondary level. COMMON & COMPULSORY SUBJECTS ARE GENERAL STUDIES, WORK EXPERIENCE, PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION. Opportunities and training are provided to participate in prestigious competitive exams such as National Talent Search Test, National Maths, Science and cyber Olympiads and others. Scholar Badge, Scholar Blazers and Gold Medals are awarded for excellence in academics at various levels. Talks, seminars and workshops are regularly conducted for students and teachers to strengthen teaching and learning strategies.

Co-Curriculum Activities -

The academic curriculum is strongly supported by an extensive range of co-curricular activities to ensure holistic development of the students.

The school provides opportunities to learn music (vocal & instrumental) art and dance. A plethora of Intra-Section, Inter-section, Inter-school competitions and school assemblies ensures participation of each student of the school in the junior wing. Annual productions are held class wise to ensure mass participation. Students are provided with an opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities and clubs up to Class V.

All students are required to opt for a performance based work-experience from a wide range of creative activities available to all students of VI-X. Each student is required to achieve at least two credits in co- curricular to be promoted to the next class, (minimum ‘D’ grade in SUPW and participation in at least one cultural event).All Rounder Trophies are awarded to students excelling in both academic and co-curricular activities. Honors badges are awarded for excellence in all areas of co- curricula’s activities on the same pattern as a Scholar Badge.

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----------Pandit Akash Sharma Acharya


The school aims to provide its students the best in education culture, art and traditions to help them grow into responsible citizens. The approach of the school is to carve out students as needed for being successful in today’s Accordingly the curriculum has been evolved with extreme care which prepares the students to manage, lead and succeed in the increasingly competitive environment.

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