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The school provides facilities of transport by trolly, van & bus at reasonable rate. Withdrawal from conveyance faculty must be preceded by months notice in writing or a month’s fee is lieu thereof. Conveyance-charge for vacations will also have to be deposited. The school has its own van & Busses for the students. Besides covering all sector routes of Prayagraj. All the buses have got a teacher on duty. In case of their absence a supervisor/ security guard is provided for the safety of the children. Each child wears an I-Card which gives details of his or her individual bus route. Also, the Almanac issued to each child, lists the details of the escorts who would drop and receive the child from their respective bus stops. Each bus is equipped with a First Aid Box and communication is maintained with the Teacher duty throughout.

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If you want to make friends, you must be friendly. If you want to make peace, you must be peaceful.
----------Pandit Akash Sharma Acharya


The school aims to provide its students the best in education culture, art and traditions to help them grow into responsible citizens. The approach of the school is to carve out students as needed for being successful in today’s Accordingly the curriculum has been evolved with extreme care which prepares the students to manage, lead and succeed in the increasingly competitive environment.

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